Fantastical ideas for a practical life.


My name is Timm.

The first definition under my name is: spelled with 2 Ms.

The second definition is: a person of many pursuits. Here are some of the things I'm up to:

  • I am an author — the Universe grants me inspiration, and I document it.
  • I am a filmmaker — editor, coordinator, and transportation extraordinaire.
  • I am a contributor to Clutch MOV — helping to initiate video content while writing.
  • I am a YouTuber — expressing my views of the world and challenging myself along the way.

Experience can be found on Cinema and LinkedIn, and creativity can be found on Vimeo and Instagram.


Los Angeles



Point Park University 2014, Pittsburgh, PA — BA in Cinema Production, Concentration in Editing

WV Governors Honors Academy 2010, Bethany, WV

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